Discount Surgical Stockings For Schlerotherapy

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When you need help treating chronic leg disorders and are looking for discount surgical stockings, there is no better place to turn than Our surgical stockings are designed to increase blood velocity while reducing edema, but you won't have to break the bank when you buy them.

Depending on the compression, our medical/surgical weight stockings are effective as post sclerotherapy treatment or for thrombosis prevention and treatment of post phlebitic syndrome with chronic venous insufficiency. We offer compression from 20-30 mmHg in below the knee, thigh high and panty hose options and extra firm surgical weight of 30-40 mmHg in below the knee. Our surgical stockings are ideal for work and home and are washable, making them easy to care for. All products are made in the United States and Latex Free.

Some of the benefits of wearing our surgical stockings include:
  • Clinically proven and physician recommended
  • Relieves pain of tired, aching legs, mild varicosities and edema
  • Effective as post sclerotherapy treatment (20-30 mmHg)
  • Indicated in thrombosis prevention and treatment of post phlebitic syndrome with chronic venous insufficiency (30-40 mmHg)
  • Surgical weight compression
  • Two way stretch design provides extra comfort
  • Below the knee styles worn by men and women
  • Graduated compression firm – 25 mmHg at ankle; 18 mmHg at calf
  • Graduated compression extra firm – 35 mmHg at ankle; 24 mmHg at calf
  • Open toed and closed toed options available
  • Sizes from small to XXX-Large (below the knee), small to X-Large (thigh high) and small to XX-Large (pantyhose)
  • Composition: 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Stop searching for an affordable option, when you can get quality, discount surgical stockings from today.